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Re-Architecting Entire End-To-End File Processing Flow For $300M Firm

One of the key components within the current file processing flow to generate and transmit payroll, investment, general ledger tax and other types of files to banks, 401k providers and other external entities is no longer going to be supported in December 2020.

With a move to a Modern Data Architecture, utilizing the Snowflake platform, BUILT provided a solution where ingested files can be automatically piped into the Data Lake, cataloged and tagged.

Utilizing Azure Data Factory to ingest these files into an Azure hosted Snowflake Data Lake, BUILT provided data engineering consultants, Python and .NET Core consultants and a UI React consultant to develop an end to end Minimal Viable Product (MVP) solution to accomplish the following goals for our client:

•Retire Legacy Platform

•Eliminate reliance on Manual Intervention

•Cut SLAs from Weeks to Hours

•Allow for scalability to create more 3rd Party Integrations to drive revenues and speed to market

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Re-Architecting Entire End-To-End File Processing Flow For $300M Firm

Photo by Olia Danilevich on Pexels

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