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A Rules Engine Drives Consistent Resolutions

A large e-commerce customer service group frequently resolved customer issues with a variety of costly resolution means, such as refunds and discounts. The resolution agents had no way to determine the value of the customer to the company to rationally size the customer's resolution.  This resulted in regularly over-sized resolutions chosen in an arbitrary manner, costing nearly $100k each month.

BUILT advised the company on possible solutions, and ultimately designed and built a business rules engine to deliver resolution recommendations. The tool specifically mapped multiple conditions in a scenario based on parameters such as a customer's purchase history, most recent orders, concessions given, and issued order size. Using the mapped data, the tool determined the best action (and alternatives) for the agent to recommend or complete the customer’s resolution.​

With the resolution recommendations tool in place, the guess-work was removed and the resolution agents were provided with clear and consistent resolution options, tailored to each individual customer. This led to resolution cost savings of about 85%, from nearly $100k to $15k per month.

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A Rules Engine Drives Consistent Resolutions

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