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Creating a Go-Forward Strategy For a Faster Release Process

An insurance carrier aiming to participate in the digital insurance marketplace had difficulty scaling their core systems and adding key flexibility features due to monolithic legacy core systems and a data model built for captive agency. They needed help achieving scale, flexibility and digitalization without long lead times

BUILT created a go-forward strategy leveraging public cloud, microservices in Kubernetes, updated data models, and Kafka topics to allow the monolithic systems to manage processes not required for the digital platform and new microservices to scale and participate in internal and external environments.

With a properly designed development lifecycle framework and a fully integrated containerized API managed in Kubernetes, the insurer was able to connect with 5 digital partners without delays, timeouts, or slow response times. Brand new services are developed and released all the way to production in approximately 25% of the pre-cluster timeframe and projects are now close to 95% independent for the entire release process. Infrastructure updates can now be decoupled from the application lifecycle as networking, security, and computational resources updates can all be managed without the development teams, and without impacting uptime.

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Creating a Go-Forward Strategy For a Faster Release Process

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