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Generative AI & Automation Creates Quick Follow-Up Responses

Automating the results from a survey can be challenging due to the diverse range of responses that participants provide. The need to categorize and analyze open-ended comments or qualitative data requires sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, which can be time-consuming to develop and refine. Additionally, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating biases in automated analysis poses a significant obstacle, as human judgment and context are often necessary for nuanced interpretation.

Using Power Automate, ChatGPT, and Outlook, BUILT streamlined the process of converting survey results into personalized email responses. Power Automate processes were kicked off by a webhook which called ChatGPT to generate insightful and human-like responses based on the data. Outlook can then automate the delivery of these responses using a shared inbox, ensuring timely and tailored communication with survey participants.


  • Quick follow-up emails sent in less than one minute
  • All automation flows went from idea to live with less than one month of effort

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Generative AI & Automation Creates Quick Follow-Up Responses

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