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Efficient & Cost-Effective Telemedicine

A major telemedicine provider needed to improve how it virtually connects people to convenient, efficient, and cost-effective telemedicine in one click. 

After auditing their app,  BUILT prescribed a cost-effective solution - a one-time rewrite - to facilitate:

  • Video chat on mobile web apps
  • Biometric login and SMS & push notifications
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Integration with NIH services and cloud-native
  • Encryption and privacy protection, 100% HIPAA compliance

In just three months, the BUILT team delivered four applications and three websites for the telemedicine provider. The community component of the telemedicine app also helps hurricane victims, provides care to rural countries, and brings virtual doctors into homes.

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Efficient & Cost-Effective Telemedicine

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

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