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Creating an Online Data Portal To Meet Stakeholder Needs

A multi-billion-dollar healthcare company launched the migration of its enterprise data warehouse from legacy on-premises technology to a newly architected cloud platform, which required a corresponding self-service portal migration.

Recognizing the need to quickly stand up the new data portal, BUILT developed a lightweight portal using WordPress. Business requirements and respective prioritization were clearly secured to rapidly create a minimal viable product. Upon release, users were able to navigate the portal with ease and speed. Functionality was provided to enable the client to manage and update the data portal with minimal involvement from over-taxed internal IT teams.

The new data portal met hundreds of stakeholder needs, access control and authentication standards, and the need for a self-sustaining environment. On day one of go-live business users successfully navigated through the portal to secure data, reports, and job training documents. Most importantly, key users quickly found and understood the data necessary to arrive at well informed decisions.

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Creating an Online Data Portal To Meet Stakeholder Needs

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